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by Lisa Colver, 9-27-1998

The world as I know it
Does not exist to you.
My perception of it
Is only to me- true.
No one sees things alike-
Every living, breathing thing.
Whether due to different eyes,
culture, breed, or instinct.
Our perception of the world
Differs with each animal.
Some may see more.
Other views are minimal.
But one thing is certain-
Humans do not see it all.
Our limited perception
Blocks us like a wall.
There is so much more around us
Only a few things we see
The world has boundaries to us
But not in reality.
What we see around us
Is the picture made by our brains.
The hills the clouds the forests
To each being don't look the same.
What the world looks like, no one sees
Even as we live our lives in it.
No one can ever claim to know all things.
The worlds appearances are infinite.

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