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Here are a few facts about me...

Name: Lisa Colver

Family: I married Binayak Bhattacharyya in December 2002, and he passed away on July, 20 2009. I have a 13-year-old daughter named Lily, and a 8-year-old son named Andre.

Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art
Career Goal: to be an art teacher

: video games, fossil collecting, the arts, travel, seeing musicals
Favorite Musical: "Les Miserables"

Favorite Music:
pop, soft rock, Christmas, contemporary Christian, 80's
Favorite TV shows: Any Star Trek series, educational channels (Discovery channel, Learning channel), cartoons, news, Forensic Files

Favorite Food:
homemade tacos

Favorite Book
: 1984 by George Orwell

Foreign Countries I've Traveled To
: Canada, Mexico, France, India

Foreign Languages I Speak
: French (not completely fluently but enough to have conversations), my father-in-law is teaching me some Bengali.

: My 3 cats- Sophie, Gracie, and Mooie 

Religion: Christian (I go to Calvary Chapel)